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This new paperback from Oxford University Press marks a handy starting place for policy makers, students and the general public to begin discussing media ethics. txt) or view presentation slides online. The enormous power and reach of the media make it especially important to consider well the ethical standards to which the profession aspires on a daily basis. Types of PIRACY : Types of PIRACY End User Piracy Client – Server Piracy Internet Piracy Hard-Disk Piracy Software Counterfeiting Ethics and Information Tech. Promote ethical conduct online in this self-paced employee training on social media ethics. Visit the Accountable Journalism database of codes of media ethics Diversity Avoiding stereotyping/more accurate portrayal Advertising Inserting ads into programming (video) Warning labels on Rx Liquor and cigarette advertising (slides) Content of Programming Editorial Content Warning labels Artistic freedom Violence, sex, language (video) Media Ethics Is that an oxymoron? This new mixed news media requires a new mixed media ethics – guidelines that apply to amateur and professional whether they blog, Tweet, broadcast or write for newspapers. Consider Cyber Liability Protection Social Media Do’s and Don’t’s Do: Know the Rules (ethics, TOS, employment, netiquette, substantive) Stay current on relevant ethics opinions and decisions Be professional and classy Guard Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning challenges readers to think analytically about ethical situations in mass communication through original case studies and commentaries about real-life media experiences. • A lawyer may advise a client to change the privacy settings on her social media page. New media, new ideas, new challenges, new cultural opportunities are swirling around the industry and impacting the way it does business. The changes challenge the foundations of media ethics.

From principle to practice: Expanding the scope of scholarship on media ethics This paper argues for the expansion of media scholarship by the integration of two approaches: media ethics and newsroom soci-ology. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of XPowerPoint. Definition of the Term Ethics is the branch of philosophy which deals with moral aspects of human behavior. In Nigeria, Media Laws are legislations made by the government in power at the Federal, State, and Local Government levels, to control or regulate the activities of the press in a part or all parts of Nigeria. Inform Clients How Records Are Maintained And Secured. COMM 431, Mass Media Ethics Instructor: Ross Collins. By closing this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. D. ASNE's Statement of Principles was originally adopted in 1922 as the "Canons of Journalism.

1 September 2014 NCLAMP Annual CLE Avoiding Common Ethical Pitfalls Presented by Nichole P. Comparative Media Studies & Electrical Engineering/Computer Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003 SUBMITTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF COMPARATIVE MEDIA STUDIES IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPARATIVE MEDIA In Valeria Alia's 2004 book, Media Ethics and Social Change, Thomas Cooper is mentioned as focusing on three international ethical concerns -- truth, responsibility and free expression. Many of these rules are often unspoken and instead expected to be followed. The first attempts to articulate the rights and responsibilities of journalists which form the basis for modern notions of ethical journalism were made more than 150 years ago at a time of confrontation between The Times of London and the British government. These can be discussed as a class or assigned as homework. Court officials are less concerned about the media sending messages from the courtroom during proceedings with researchers, ethics committee members and social media users, and the results of a two---day workshop bringing together scholars with a strong interest in the ethics of social media research. Instances of inappropriate use of electronic media by nurses such as this have been reported to boards of nursing (BONs) and, in some cases, to the media. Mass media companies therefore cannot provide the aforementioned higher pleasures, and as result cannot create the greatest good for the greatest number. Ethics in Media/key principlesCF301 Communication Ethics and Rights.

www. Hutchins Commission -report written in 1947 by Robert M. The Global Media Debate. weller@gesis. We hope these situations help extend the experience and allow you to apply concepts that were presented in the Media Ethics lesson. DOMINANT CULTURE Dominant cultures are often not designated by having the most members, but by having the most economic and political influence over an entire society. Reinstated trust between customers and retailers. Kristen Fyfe, senior communications manager at training and development association ASTD, points out the component that both ethics and social media must have in common to be successful. “Clarity is the most effective element for both ethics and social media policies," Fyfe says.

com - id: 619647-NDg0O Today, I gave a CLE presentation at the New York City Bar Association about the ethics of lawyers using social media. , APR Chair – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow. To that end, every reporter for a major newspaper, radio station, or television network has studied those standards and been briefed on them in corporate meetings. iMediaEthics is a not-for-profit, non-partisan news site that publishes the latest media ethics news and investigations into ethical lapses. The same First Amendment freedoms that allow U. The meaning of social ethics is a set of rules or guidelines, based around ethical choices and values, that society adheres to. Far away from the computer, microphone or camera, even the most experienced media professionals face situations that test their media ethics. The ethics pyramid: Making ethics unavoidable in the public relations process. The operative question in media law and ethics is whether it is right to exercise the rights granted journalists and other media practitioners under the First Amendment and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

From a Utilitarian Perspective. While some questions will be answered by your company's policy manual, others will require you to make a choice that could impact your career. The focus here will be on the new media. S. The attempt to reform the global media system is much wider in scope than an attempt to construct a global media ethics. While media ethics scholarship deals with the complex but largely static principles of ethical journalism, scholars who focus on INSTITUTE for ADVERTISING ETHICS 2 PRINCIPLES and PRACTICES for ADVERTISING ETHICS PREAMBLE The explosion of new technologies is changing the marketing and advertising landscape both domestically and globally. This article provides an indepth understanding of the ways social media may be used and in some cases abused by patients and social workers. Professional Codes of Ethics. This is the heart of the social media challenge to promote freedom within an ethical context of responsibility.

Ethics and Sport Media. 0’ software standards that emerged in the first decade of the 21 st century. Three P’s of Ethics eople rofessional Duties olicies, Laws, Regulations & Agreements He studies media ethics with emphases on the depiction of journalists in popular culture, alternative press, and diversity studies. Ethics and the New Workplace: 24 Ethics and the New Workplace Telecommuting, virtual work, and flexible hours - Success of new programs depends on mutual trust IT provides opportunities for monitoring Companies that make an unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards of ethics and social responsibility will lead the way toward a brighter future for both business and society Of particular concern, in many research publications the issues of researching with social media either go unaddressed or are simply conflated with the broader issues of Internet or online research despite nuanced but critical differences. , Mac Millan Books First 1911, ed. WE, JOURNALISTS AND MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS, express grave concern about the likely breach of professional ethics and adverse legal implications of the publication and broadcast of the Duterte Administration’s list of public officials allegedly involved in the illegal-drugs trade. Some considerations for a company determining the depth and breadth of its social media ethics and compliance initiative include: Industry. McLaughlin, Assistant Ethics Counsel Th N th C li St t BThe North Carolina State Bar Learn Ethical Social Media from The University of Sydney. Digital and Social Media Ethics for Psychotherapists: Clinical and ethical considerations for psychologists, counselors, and clinicians using the Internet, an Online Continuing Education Course offered by Zur Institute for CE credits for psychologists, MFTs, social workers, counselors and nurses.

The media is playing the role of the mirror which reflects the times and society we live in. Ethics PowerPoint template is another green template background free for PowerPoint that you can use for ethics projects or thesis about ethics, but also good for other applications not only about ethics PowerPoint or ethical PowerPoint presentations. Great ethical philosophies. She also serves the journalism organization as a member of SPJ’s FOI committee and is the current Ethics Chair. These new technologies also bring to question where the ethical boundaries are in relation to clients, social workers, and social media. Marketing Ethics Prepared and written by Dr. Ethics, by definition, is the concept of what is good, bad, right and wrong. Newseum Education Staff MEDIA ETHICS — Media law does not include all elements of Entertainment Law as Wikipedia defines it. pdf), Text File (.

CMO For my presentation this coming Tuesday, I am interested in covering the ethical issues revolving around a Cleveland publication, in the light of the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice who was found with an airsoft gun, which published an article titled “Tamir Rice’s father has history of domestic violence,” in which Rice’s father’s criminal history was published with no clear intent. Accept. Social Media & Social Work Ethics: Determining Best Practices in an Ambiguous Reality 6. This is the PowerPoint presentation for the program. a. Acknowledgements… Thank you to Journal of Mass Media Ethics for valuable feedback, the Arthur W. INTRODUCTION Ethics is a branch of philosophy that involves recommendations on right and wrong conduct. In social media, the right ethic equals the right perspective and the right thinking on how to leverage social media appropriately and how to engage people in the right manner. "Media ethics" merits an entry in A Dictionary of Media and Communication.

This groundbreaking handbook provides a comprehensive picture of the ethical dimensions of communication in a global setting. Social media ethics in social work is a topic old and new soical workers should be very familiar with. Large snowstorm threatened 2014 Valentines Day Deliveries. acceptable behavior when using social media parProfessional vs. THE HATCH ACT AND SOCIAL MEDIA Note: This guidance refers primarily to Facebook and Twitter in the following questions due to the popularity of those sites for social networking, but the advice provided in response to these questions applies equally to all other social media, such as Myspace, LinkedIn, etc. During her term, she spoke out against threats to the First Amendment while working to protect and defend journalists and journalism. Silverman, Ph. B. Secure Informed Consent .

AP before World War II and Nazis In May 2017, the Ethics of Photojournalism Definition: Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that are the “news of the day” and that Have a Written Social Media Policy. A journalist: Must uphold the highest professional and ethical standards and ensure that the information/editorial content being provided by him/her is fair, unbiased, and Media turned out to be a powerful tool to influence and manipulate people, which brings up the question and the importance of ethics in photography. Reselling Media Downloading from a website Taping songs Buying a used book or CD Watching broadcast television but skipping commercials Ethics and Information Tech. Hutchins & other scholars-133-page report of press freedom and democracy Basic premises: Media professionals enjoy special measure of freedom Power & freedom= responsibility Media Ethics Protection of Minors Self Regulation by RADIO & TELEVISION SUPREME COUNCIL (RT K) TURKEY Radio and Television Supreme Council (RT K) In 1994, Radio and – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow. As Macfarlane (2010) argued: . Social Media Optimization (SMO) provide a way to promote your web presence to the target audience on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter , Google+, and LinkedIn etc. Both ethics and social media are important in the workplace, so the question becomes: What is the best way to manage them? Should they be treated as two distinct conversations? Or should ethics be IN THE MEDIA A pictorial stereotype is an image that conveys misinformed perceptions that have the weight of established facts. They suggested that newspapers, broadcasters and journalists had started to become more responsible for journalism and thought they should be held accountable. Human rights and medical ethics are parallel mechanisms, the former working at the sociopolitical level and the latter more at the level of the doctor–patient relationship.

Stud. Social media refer to outlets where individuals rather than organizations provide the content such as Face book, Twitter, web forums and comment sections on programming. So in the first example, it is corporate social media marketing and in second it is political social media that has led to a serious discussion over the ethics, SOP, usage, abuse, and The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has drafted a code of ethics for Pakistani media which is based upon the belief that fair, balanced and independent journalism is essential for good governance, effective public administration and the capacity of people in Pakistan to achieve genuine democracy and peace. Code of Media Ethics. Media ethics needs to be rethought and reinvented for the media of today, not of yesteryear. Media is an integral part of our life. com, find free presentations research about Values And Ethics Social Work PPT What Is Media Law and Ethics? Home Government & Politics Law According to the University of Iowa course catalog for a media law and ethics class from the School of Journalism & Mass Communication, media law and ethics is an area of study and research that focuses on the interaction and relationship between the legal rights and freedoms of the This resource is based on the approaches to ethics outlined in the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics’ Framework for Ethical Decision Making. Read smo tips ppt slides and grab your audience with Social Media. Social ethics are not supposed to be a detailed list of rules to be applied in any given situation.

Includes media organization ethics, the need for ethics, types of… Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. org website has been developed as a resource to on global media ethics and regulation systems, and provides advice on ethical reporting and dealing with hate speech. Competing ethical values. Social media connects us across space and time, allowing us to find like-minded communities and participate creatively in public life as never before. The recent hacking of Petaluma High School student MySpace accounts and the posting of threatening messages highlight some possible harms of social networking. The document contains three key documents, namely: Gender Equality Guide, Code of Ethics for Media, and Guide to Protect Women Against This is an edited version of a paper on International Media Ethics and Reporting Standards, presented at a seminar on Media Responsibility and Accountability, organised by the National Media Commission with support from the UNDP for journalists in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions in Kumasi on May 27, 2011. This is further exacerbated by a confusion about the purpose of ethics. We use cookies to improve your website experience. public? One of the biggest areas of concern with social media data is the extent to whether such social media optimization tips PowerPoint Presentation.

Its content is stimulated by the praise for ethics in sport in the Code of Sports Ethics promoted by the European Council, the European Sports Charter and the UNESCO International Charter of Physical Education and Sport. used Twitter to communicate with customers and alert the media about flower delivery progress. PREAMBLE. She is a past national president for the Society of Professional Journalists. A more robust ethics and compliance initiative is appropriate for those companies where social media is more pertinent to its business environment. Everyone who read that post now knows about Maria’s medication and increase in morphine, violating her right to privacy and confidentiality. David Vinjamuri Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Politics are the practices or professions of conducting affairs in organizations. media ethics in the context of Indian news media.

Introduction to Media Ethics 1. Social Media Etiquette & Ethics: A Guide for Personal, Professional & Brand Use. Fall, 2012. The former looks at what norms should guide media practitioners when they face difficult decisions on what to report. Review Code Of Ethics And Practice Standards Frequently. Linda Ferrell, University of Wyoming M arketing ethics addresses principles and standards that define acceptable conduct in the marketplace. He has eight years of professional experience as a reporter, editor, and public relations practitioner for print and online publications. A BRIEF SUMMARY OF HISTORY OF ETHICS (Summarized from Short History of Ethics by Rogers, R. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Some differentiate between ethics and morals. Huge numbers of people have joined Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram or other on-line social Recognize an Ethical Issue 1. An Effective Social Media Ethics and Compliance Initiative. k. Ethics Morals A Religious Or Philosophical PPT. Introduction to media ethics. Media can make or break one’s The most critical challenge facing Muslim today is the lack of the spiritual ethical dimension of life, and one of the most powerful means to overcome this problem is the adherence to the code of View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Values And Ethics Social Work PPT. Media ethics is a topic for discussion for nearly a century. Media Professionals Guidelines Commission on Freedom of the Press a.

Start studying Media Ethics - Chapter 12: Media Practitioners and Social Justice. Tensions on two levels. New media include the Internet, blogs, mobile marketing and social media. ppt), PDF File (. activities about media ethics to further the conversation with your students that began at the Newseum. Lesson One | Digital Ethics JOURNALISM ETHICS What they are and where they come from Aidan White. 1937 Edinburgh) Media,” - that seeks to change the patriarchal practices in Philippine media, contribute to the production of more gender sensitive media content, and promote empowerment and equality in media organizations. 1 Private vs. To learn about our use of cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy.

Instructor: Ayten Gorgun Smith Teaching assitant: Sabina Jafarova Kadir Has University Grad. com - id: 427915-NjE3N The AccountableJournalism. It does not include contract law, employment law, labor law, bankruptcy law, immigration law, securities law, private international law, or insurance law — all of which may be elements of an entertainment law practice. Ethics Morals - a religious or philosophical code of behavior Ethics - rational way to decide what is good or bad for the individual or society Two approaches Creator's process of creating the product The product itself should be judged Aristotle Golden Mean Try to achieve the “good” Ultimate good is happiness Achieve happiness by finding a balance between extremes Media ethics and changes in press regulation; Event Registration Online for Introduction to media law and ethics powered by Eventbrite. No organization exists to certify journalists, and likewise, no uniform system exists for penalizing unethical behavior. 1-800-Flowers and Digital Media. Media Ethics Morals Vs. Google Yourself Regularly And Correct Inaccuracies. He is the co-author of Media Ethics: Issues and Cases, 9th edition.

Bersak S. 2. Kadir Has University Faculty of Communications Faculty of Communications Department of Public Department of New Media Relations and Information The fact that media professionals can photograph and write about people in public is simply a factor of media politics. Both theoretical and practical, this important volume will raise the ethical bar for both scholars and practitioners in the world of global communication and media. This text provides a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical principles of ethical philosophies, facilitating ethical awareness. " The document was revised and renamed "Statement of Principles" in 1975. Norwood, NJ: Ablex Publishing, 1999. Social media lends itself to a multitude of possible ethical issues: conflict of interest, privacy and confidentiality, inappropriate self-disclosure, and even dual relationships. Should photography only be allowed to display reality, or is it acceptable to alter images for presentation purposes? And if manipulation is acceptable, what are its limits, if any? Trend is to allow more social media in courtrooms In 2014, 37 percent of the courts have a social media policy for their courtroom compared to about 29 percent a year ago.

This unit provides an introduction to the study of ethics and a brief overview of some of the main branches of philosophical thought about ethics. 10. This includes studying how media law and ethics designed for the media in real space have been transferred to cyberspace. Marketing usually occurs in the context of an organization, and unethical activities usually develop from the pressure to meet performance objec-tives. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 20 (4), forthcoming 2005. P. September 26, 2016 May 8, 2018 ~ Kquesen With 73% of the world’s Internet users active in social media, 83% of Fortune 500 companies with social media accounts and 92% of recruiters using social media to find candidates it is too important not to carefully a social media site. SOCIAL ETHICS 141 biblical scholarship, cross-cultural and cross-temporal hermeneutics, differ­ ences between general and specific moral principles, as well as distortion to support contemporary positions and biases. Ethics Morals - a religious or philosophical code of behavior Ethics - rational way to decide what is good or bad for the individual or Social Media Ethics Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest, Oh My! Tips for the Ethical Social Media Practitioner Deborah A.

As well as introducing the central ideas that relate to environmental and development ethics and how these two areas of ethical study interare related, this unit shows why ethics as a discipline can As in recent years, iMediaEthics has assembled our list of what we found to be ten of the most important media ethics issues from 2017. Media Ethics Morals vs. edu Media ethics involves promoting and defending values such as a universal respect for life and the rule of law and legality. Some media professionals, however, go beyond the boundaries set by the government and by the media’s code of ethics. The entry offers a definition by description, and neither one of explanation nor one of delimitation. Literature regarding the ways in which specifically the Internet impacts media ethics in journalism online is scarce, thereby complicating the idea for a universal code of media ethics. lssc. Credibility in social ethics increasingly requires competence and conver­ Ethics and the Five Deadly Sins of Social Media. Chapter One of Business Ethics slides Ethics in Sport, in Portugal, and forms part of the LEDs Play module from the LED on Values Programme.

For Individual, Federal Employees: Medical Ethics Avraham Steinberg, MD A. A. Presentation Summary : Media Ethics Morals vs. Could this decision or situation be damaging to someone or to some group? Does this decision involve a choice between a good Professional Ethics Definition My version… The manner in which the people who place reliance in the performance of your professional duties expect you to respond as it pertains to associated policies, laws, regulations, and agreements. media outlets to publish without fear of government interference also make it nearly impossible to impose a standard of ethics or professional protocol for journalists. The org. Personal Social Media Use The second key area of concern in social work focuses on the overlap of personal and profes-sional social media use and exploring what exactly JUDICIAL ETHICS AND SOCIAL MEDIA Michael Crowell UNC School of Government July 2015 There has been astounding growth of electronic social networks in the recent years. If you're using a mobile device, click here to book. Social media ethics training course explains the requirements of the law, how ethics policy applies to social networking and how to engage in ethical conversations on social networks.

Consider A Pseudonym. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication for seed funding to The code of ethics in media was created by a suggestion from the 1947 Hutchins Commission. Most profitable holiday for 1-800-Flowers in NYC. When Using Social Media Have Professional And Personal Profiles. American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) ASNE Statement of Principles. COMM 431: Mass Media Ethics Instructor: Ross Collins. There are rules of ethics and etiquette for social media that must be followed. Professional Counseling Ethics: A Values Approach G502 Purpose of the Ethical Code Provide framework for ethical behavior Set standards for practice Protect clients, communities, and the profession Ethics: Establish principles guiding behavior Are intentionally not specific Are not law -- they are created and followed voluntarily Origin of Ethical Codes Created by flagship professional groups definition of media law and ethics Media law can be defined as laws that regulate the acclivities of the Media. When philosophers speak today, however, of ‘Social Networking and Ethics’, they usually refer more narrowly to the ethical impact of an evolving and loosely defined group of information technologies, most based on or inspired by the ‘Web 2.

We live in a society where we get all the knowledge about what is happening in this world from the media -be it print or electronic. To sum up, capitalism is affecting media in ethically troubling ways from both a deontological and utilitarian perspective. Human rights place a duty on the state and on healthcare providers to comply with minimum standards. org Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8 D-50667 Cologne Germany Ethics - Chapter 1 Ppt Slides - Download as Powerpoint Presentation (. PowerPoint presentations. Ethics in Photojournalism: Past, Present, and Future By Daniel R. This presentation is for use when covering media ethics in an introductory mass media course. Ethics1 deals with the theories and principles of values and the basic perceptions and justifications of values, whereas morals2 includes the customs, “I love thinking about ethics!” Perspectives on ethics in social media research Katrin Weller GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8 D-50667 Cologne Germany katrin. As the influence, impact and existence of media have become widespread its moral stance and adherence to ethical codes have become Social Media and Ethics in Investigations and Litigation • A lawyer may advise a client regarding what content is appropriate to maintain on her social media account, as well as what content may be “taken down” or removed.

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